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The Society's journal, Manuscripts, features a variety of articles designed to appeal to a broad audience. Collectors and scholars often contribute stories based on interesting documents. These "document stories" are one of the staples of the journal. Censuses of rare autographs like William Henry Harrison or documents like the Stone facsimiles of the Declaration of Independence are also featured from time to time as are descriptive articles on important manuscript collections in public repositories.

"Auction Trends," a regular column, highlights current prices and developments in the autograph and manuscript marketplace — enabling readers to follow trends and get a sense of current values. The journal's other regular column, "Reviews," is a traditional book review section which occasionally adds reviews of media publications and even novels which have a strong focus on manuscripts. The journal also includes a record of new members and an advertising section which features firms related to the autograph and manuscript market.

The editor welcomes contributions from both members and non-members. Authors are urged to contact us via e-mail before submitting a manuscript for review. Preference is given to articles with good illustrations. Most articles are 2,500 words or less with two to four illustrations. Typical articles may be downloaded from the list below.

Ida McKinley's rare First Lady autograph

William Henry Harrison autograph census